Robin Brown

Sometimes it takes extra care and devotion
for traditions to endure.


Robin Brown understands.

If it’s the second Saturday in August, you can bet your life on where you’ll find Robin Brown. You see, that’s the date reserved for “Brown’s Mound,” an annual party she throws that brings family, friends, neighbors and her clients together for a fun-filled day of music, activities, food and drink, and smiles on people’s faces. In recent years, as many as 150 people have attended this bash, and they often thank Robin for such an enjoyable and relaxing day. But Brown’s Mound almost didn’t make it this far.


Keeping Tradition Alive

You see, Brown’s Mound was originally started in the early 1980’s, run by Robin’s husband and brother-in-laws, who grew weary of all the hard work and preparation to continue putting on such an event. A few years ago when the question came up should they continue the party, her answer spoke volumes about her character. “Yes! It’s tradition,” she said. From that point forward, Robin took over operation of the party and has made it her own ever since. The heavy workload of creating invitations, preparing food and booking entertainment is all worth it to Robin as long as every last guest enjoys their day.

This story is indicative of Robin’s approach to both life and business. Simply put, she cares. If she didn’t care so much about the party, she would have allowed it to disappear. If she didn’t care so much about her backyard garden, it wouldn’t thrive the way it does. And if she didn’t care about her clients as much as she does, they certainly wouldn’t return to her time and time again like they do.


Whatever It Takes

As a leading real estate professional, Robin’s caring approach is the key to her success. From the moment you meet her, you can tell she cares. It’s evident in her willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. For example, once when a critical transaction hung in the balance, Robin took the initiative to drive 658 miles round trip to L.A. and back simply to get a client’s signature and ensure the deal was closed on time. That was an extreme case, for sure, but it illustrates Robin’s commitment to her clients.

When you work with Robin toward the sale or purchase of a home, she begins by listening carefully to your goals and desires. Through her years of experience, however, she’s learned that what people think they want and what they really end up wanting are two different things. To that end, she strives to help every client explore all of their options en route to making such an important decision. She draws on nearly 15 years of experience in the industry as well as decades of local knowledge as a longtime resident of Aromas.


A Tradition of Care

If you’re considering the sale or purchase of a home in Aromas, Prunedale, Watsonville, Hollister or the surrounding communities, don’t take your choice of real estate professional lightly. Make sure that you put the care and compassion of Robin Brown on your side. Call her today to schedule a private consultation and to experience what A Tradition of Care can do for your transaction.

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